Green2Gold is a non profit educational organization. We are not a commercial business. We take no equity positions, commissions or ownership involvements from our members, their inventions, their products
and enterprises.
We do accept tax-deductible gifts, donations and sponsorships for our many programs. We have assembled an extensive network of service providers to assist our members, but cannot be responsible for their performance or service qualities. Always use consumer guidelines and precautions when dealing with any professionals offering services or products.
We are not responsible for the actions or services of any governmental agencies, such as the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, U.S Copyright Office, U.S. Small Business Administration,
etc. There are no guarantees of success in inventing or entrepreneurship. These are elected financial risk activities that may or may not profit you. Always seek out as much information and expert advice as possible. Do not fall for the false promises of invention development companies who may be fraudulent, unscrupulous and unethical. See F.T.C guidelines.
Green2Gold members utilize vendors to perform searches, illustrations, engineering, modelsintellectual property services, etc. They have signed confidentiality, but you may feel free to have them agree to your non disclosures before commissioning their services. Always ask for estimates, references, and use good consumer sense when contracting with any services to assist your idea or entrepreneurial pursuit.
Remember, every idea is unique and in the process of assisting you and performing specified services you may commission, it is important to understand each project, just like each idea, is different and a creative process of its own. We cannot guarantee deadlines, or hard timetables in helping you develop your ideas. We can provide estimated time frames based on experience and past projects.
When contracting for services through Green2Gold there are no refunds. Green2Gold makes no warranties or guarantees of vendor services, or Green2Gold counseling advice.
Feel free to contact Green2Gold any time for scheduling consultations, attending chapter meetings, workshops or courses. We welcome your suggestions. We wish you good luck and success and are available to provide guidance.
Membership is on a renewal basis. If you do not choose to renew your membership, we ask you to please coordinate pick up or delivery of any prototypes, models or personal files that you need returned. If you do not coordinate the return of your materials with us within 1 year, we reserve the right to dispose any materials we choose related to your memberhsip in a responsible way.